Papada Ibérica Selección
Papada Ibérica Selección
Papada Ibérica Selección

Iberian Pork Jowl

Cured Iberian Pork Jowl, Great Selection

Unlike marinated bacon, only salt and a few months of curing in the natural drying rooms of Cortegana and its special climatic conditions in the Sierra de Aracena, Huelva.

Coming from Iberian pigs and vacuum packed you can buy this one exquisite Great Selection Iberian Pork Jowl in 700 gr pieces. to make it on barbecues, cooked with vegetables or cut into thin slices for a wide variety of recipes.

Our Iberian Pork Jowl does not contain gluten or lactose but we recommend moderate consumption due to its high calorie content.

Weight per piece: 700 grams approx.

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