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Jabugo Iberian Hams, Quality Guarantee

All our hams have been selected and polished by the master ham maker to give them the level of fat and salt that tradition dictates. Made by hand to guarantee their quality, these Iberian hams legs are cured in natural drying rooms in a privileged environment such as the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park (Jabugo, Spain). The air and humidity of its climate make it a unique product in the world to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Iberian Ham Legs, acorn-fed or field-fed | Quality Standards

Before buying an Iberian ham in our online store, learn how to differentiate its categories and qualities. All our hams are certified with their labels and tags colors that guarantee the traceability and authenticity of the product you are buying.

The ultimate in Iberian hams, it is a certified quality product that you can identify by its "black tag" and the DOP Jabugo vitola (label). These hams come from 100% Iberian breed pigs raised in freedom and fed exclusively on acorns and grasses from the Dehesa (oak and cork oak forest), with a minimum of 36 months of curing in natural drying rooms in the marker attached to Jabugo (Spain).

etiqueta negra, jamón bellota 100% ibérico DOP Jabugo

The authentic "pata negra" of Spanish acorn-fed hams. The finnest, a premium product of excellent quality that comes from 100% Iberian pigs raised in freedom that during the "montanera" (baiting season) feed on acorns, herbs and roots in the pastures of Jabugo (Spain). The black label tag indicates the highest category within the Iberian Quality Standard.

 jamón de bellota 100% ibérico - etiqueta negra

Red label acorn-fed hams legs come from crossbred pigs, where at least one of the parents is 100% Iberian breed. The higher the % Iberian, the greater the category and flavor for the enjoyment of exquisite palates.

Within the red label in our stores you will find 2 categories:

  • Acorn-fed hams 50% Iberian breed: It means that the pig from which the ham was obtained is 50% Iberian breed.
  • Acorn-fed hams 75% Iberian breed: It indicates that the pig is 75% of the Iberian breed.  

etiqueta roja, jamón bellota 50 o 75 % ibérico

In this case "field-fed" indicates that the pig has been fed with feed in an initial phase of its life, but has also had access to natural pastures in the Dehesa, enjoying part of its life in freedom. Without a doubt, an Iberian ham with a very good quality-price ratio that you can find in our store at surprising prices.

Our green label hams come from 50% Iberian pigs that in some cases have eaten acorns.

jamón ibérico cebo de cambo - brica verde

These hams will make you enjoy the price and the Iberian flavor of their infiltrated fat. The white label or tag is reserved for those hams that have been fed with feed but that maintain their standard within the Iberian Quality Standard since they come from pigs with 50% of the Iberian breed.

Jamón Ibérico de Cebo - etiqueta blanca

The "out of standard" iberian hams that you will find in our store are labeled as Great Selection and have our full recommendation and guarantee that they will meet all the customer's expectations.

This product is known as an Iberian ham that:

  1. It does not meet the requirements of the "Iberian Quality Standard" and does not have tagged.
  2. The producer has not been interested in the cost of certification.

The out-of-norm or great selection that you are going to buy at Jamón-Iberico.eu can be classified between a Field´fed and Acorn-fed Iberian ham. A high-class piece that the producer probably was not interested in labeling to offer a better price in the market

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Enjoy the authentic flavor of Iberian ham with our Jabugo hams, taste the tradition of handcrafted ham to the delight of all your senses. At Jamon-Iberico.eu we invite you to live the best Spanish culinary experience, place your order online in our store,  by phone or whatsapp and we will bring all the spanish flavors of Jabugo to your home.

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