Sliced Ham

Sliced Ham vacuum packed and masterfully cut with a knife

In our store the best sliced ham is delivered vacuum packed and cut with a knife into thin slices by the master cutter, and we also send it to home in a presentation box to enjoy with family, at meetings with friends or as a gift as a good gourmet product.

All our packs of sliced Iberian ham can be purchased in different formats 6, 9 or 12 vacuum-packed envelopesand a variety to choose from according to quality: sliced Iberian ham or shoulder, both acorn-fed and bait that you can differentiate by the color of its seal or tag. jamón loncheado precintos de calidad

Sliced Iberian Ham vacuum packed

Cut with a knife by a master cutter into thin slices and vacuum packed to preserve the flavor of good Iberian ham. At you have available a large assortment of sliced ham that adapts to your needs both in terms of quality and quantity:

  • QUALITY: Sliced Iberian ham from Bellota, Cebo de Campo or Cebo
  • QUANTITY: Our sliced Iberian slices are available in a pack of 6, 9 or 12 packages of 100 grams vacuum packed.

color tags Iberian Hams Each of our packs is identified with the color of its TAG according to the "Iberian Quality Standard" and they are sent with an elegant case or presentation box in case you want to use it as a gift. With prices ranging from sliced Iberian ham "pata negra" to the most economical such as sliced Iberian bait or white tag. 

All our sliced Iberian ham are prepared by a professional ham cutter, and we always recommend when purchasing sliced ham that it has been cut with a knife and never by machine. When the ham is cut with a knife, the master cutter does so following the morphology of the ham, its muscle fiber and streaked with fat. If we cut it by machine, part of its flavor may be lost without forgetting that the slice would be a boneless ham.

Advantages of sliced ham

  • Best use: cutting and slicing the ham with skill is a process that requires practice and can take time if you do not have experience.
  • Practicality: Vacuum-sliced Iberian ham is ideal if you have a meal at a meeting and we don't have time to entertain ourselves with the cut .
  • Better conservation: Vacuum-sliced Iberian ham can be preserved for up to 6 months if we keep it in a cool place like the refrigerator.
  • Easy to store: Sliced Iberian ham will always take up less space than the complete piece and thanks to its packaging we can take it wherever it is packed. .
  • Price: if we do not have a large family or for occasions where we have an event, sliced ham can be a more economical option

In short, although these are just some suggestions of the advantages of sliced Iberian ham, in general it is still a product for Enjoy it where, how and with whoever you want.

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