Iberian Shoulders

Iberian Shoulder Ham, from Spain to your table

Made with the love and passion of a long tradition, our "acorn-fed or field-fed" Iberian shoulders will conquer you with their flavor, quality and price. Enjoy the authentic Iberian flavor of Jabugo (Spain) with this selection of shoulders and the quality guaranteed by its DOP Jabugo designation of origin. A pleasure to be savored, a secret to be shared!

Our Iberian Shoulders hams, Select Quality

Enjoy the perfect fusion with the authentic flavor of Jabugo and its Iberian tradition, this selection of "pata negra" Iberian shoulders tell the stories of the "Dehesa" (natural parks of holm oaks and cork oaks) and its pigs raised in freedom fed on acorns and grasses in the "montanera" (fattening season). A very healthy product of certified quality that will end up gaining loyalty.

Our Iberian shoulders have the quality certificate of the prestigious Huelva ham and the seal of its protected designation of origin DOP Jabugo, the highest distinction that can be granted to Iberian products.

From Spain to your table!

A good Iberian shoulder can't be missing in your pantry, from Jamon-Iberico.eu we send it to your home at its optimal curing point and We offer you the best prices so you can enjoy it as a family. Live the gastronomic experience of the best Iberian ham, its intense flavor and its healthy infiltrated fat rich in oleic acid.

Whether quality Iberian acorn-fed ham , field-fed or grain-fed you are going to buy a product appreciated throughout the world for its flavor and nutritional value. All our Iberian shoulders have been made by hand and are certified with their quality label that guarantees their traceability and authenticity.

Iberian Shoulders: Quality Standard

Remember that all the shoulders you can buy at Jamo-Iberico.eu are Iberian and their label certifies it. However, if you have any questions, we are going to explain to you how to differentiate the different qualities that you can find in our store according to the color of the tag, whether it is acorn-fed or grain-fed.

The acorn-fed shoulders ham with the label "DOP Jabugo + black flange Negra" are the "finnest quality" of Iberian ham spanish. The highest quality that can be given to an acorn-fed Iberian shoulder. These are pieces that come from 100% Iberian breed pigs and have complied with the most demanding quality controls.

To award the DOP Jabugo label to these precious shoulders, their vintage and traceability had to be certified: free-range pig raising, acorn feeding, minimum curing for 18 months, and that the maker is attached to the Jabugo Regulatory Council.

paleta de bellota 100% iberica DOP Jabugo - brida negra

Highest quality, the Iberian shoulders labeled with the black tag guarantee that they come from 100% Iberian breed pigs (100% Iberian mother and father), they have been raised in freedom and fed to base of acorns, roots or herbs in the Dehesa during its life period.

The color of the tag label certifies that you are buying a premium quality product and an authentic iberico pata negra. 

paletas de bellota 100% ibérica - brida negra

The red label is another of our recommendations if you want to buy a high-quality acorn-fed shoulder to enjoy the flavor of a good Iberian ham. In our store we have for sale 2 categories with red label tag acorn-fed shoulders regulated by the "Iberian Quality Standard" and based on the purity of the Iberian breed of pig. In both cases the acorn quality of these palettes will always be certified by the red color of their tags label and we would be buying a high-class product with an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

  • 50% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder
  • 75% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder

paletas de bellota 50 o 75 % ibérica - brida roja

Don't be surprised when you try our Iberian shoulders category "Field-fed" and its exquisite exquisite flavor of ham. These pallets come from free-range pigs where they feed on herbs, roots and other resources in the Dehesa, complementing their fattening with feed. The activity of its extensive breeding causes its meat to gain fiber and develop the precious infiltration of healthy oleic fats. The green label certifies that our field-fed shoulders 50% Iberian meet the Iberico Quality Standard.paletas ibéricas cebo de cambo - brica verde

The white tag label certifies that the shoulder is Iberian and the pig has been fed with feed in intensive farms. Within the Iberian Quality Standard, Iberian Cebo Shoulders are the most economical and come from pigs that are 50% Iberian breed.

A product that maintains the infiltrated fat and the intense flavor of Iberian ham at a very affordable price as you can see in our store.

Jamón Ibérico de Cebo - etiqueta blanca

In Jamon-Iberico.eu the "outside the norm" you will find it labeled as "Great Selection Iberian Shoulders" and they are one of the best recommendations in our store. They are pallets of excellent quality that, for different reasons, have not been certified with their tag label.

We can assure you that the quality of our shoulders outside the norm would be between field-fed bait and acorn-fed, being able to save the bureaucratic costs of their certification . At the same time, rest assured that you will be buying a product that comes from 50% Iberian breed pigs fed extensively in freedom.

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