The use or contracting of the products and/or services offered on represents acceptance of the following general conditions of sale. Purchases made on this website are subject to current regulations. The descriptions of the products displayed on are made based on the information provided by the manufacturers. Product photographs and descriptions are made available to customers to provide more information about the product.

Products and services

The items on display indicate in a personalized way the availability and delivery time for their sale. Under no circumstances will out-of-stock products be intentionally put up for sale. However, on occasions and for reasons beyond our control, it is possible that the products offered for sale are out of stock and orders in progress cannot be satisfied. In this case the client will be informed promptly. Partial cancellation of the order due to lack of availability does not imply the cancellation of the entire order, although the customer will always have the final decision for its cancellation.

All Products include the corresponding taxes (10% VAT). Shipping costs that will be calculated when adding to the cart are excluded from the price. The Client agrees to pay at the time the order is placed. The rates corresponding to the relevant shipping costs will be added to the initial price that appears on the website for each of the products offered. In any case, these rates will be previously communicated to the customer before formalizing the purchase itself.

Formalization of orders

Once the order has been formalized, the customer has accepted the general conditions and confirmation of the purchase process, will always send an email to the customer confirming the details of the purchase made.


At all shipments are sent by transport agency (see Delivery Conditions). Your order travels protected and insured against damage or loss, which means that in the event of any incident it will be replaced without additional costs. If the customer detects any damage to the package, it is recommended that they reflect it in the observations on the delivery note when they receive their package.

Shippings are notified to the customer by e-mail at the time of sending. The transport company is committed to 1 or 2 delivery attempts at the address indicated by the customer. If the attempt is unsuccessful, it will leave the customer a transit note with instructions to pick up their order at a point arranged by the carrier.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are calculated at the time of adding the products to the cart and the amount will depend on the country and the delivery address. The shipping cost will be calculated based on weight and the rates are unified for any country in the "European Union". If you are purchasing from an EU member country but use a currency other than the euro, the customer will assume the currency exchange costs.

Delivery Time

The delivery time is indicated on each product and in case of delay the customer will be informed of the estimated delivery time. The products will have the delivery time indicated in working days from the formalization of the order or confirmation of payment. Each delivery is considered made from the moment in which the transport company makes the product available to the customer.

If the delivery times are going to take longer of the indicated period, will notify the client of said change or delay and the client will have the possibility of confirming the order or communicating its cancellation.

If after 7 business days from the attempted delivery it has not been possible to carry out the same because the customer does not come to pick up the package at the collection points arranged by the manufacturer, the package will be returned and the customer must charge for the shipping and return costs of sending the package, as well as any possible management costs incurred. The customer must check the good condition of the package with the carrier, indicating on the delivery note any anomaly that may be detected in the packaging. If a package has external damage and the customer does not instruct the delivery person to leave a record on the delivery note, we will make a claim to the carrier but our company will not be responsible if the claim is not attended to.

Shipping Costs European Union

Delivery Times

Plazo de entrega para España Spain24/48 hours
Plazo de entrega para Islas Baleares Spain Baleares48/72 hours
Plazo de entrega para Portugal Portugal24/48 hours
Plazo de entrega paises Union Europeas European Union3 - 7 business days

SECURE PAYMENTS / payments methods

Fast and commission-free; with the guarantee of REDSYS and the BANCO SANTANDER online payment gateway. Your data is encrypted through a 128-Bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Secure Server.


There is no commission although it may delay the processing time of your order until we receive payment. To speed up this time, you can send us proof of the transfer if you wish.

If the client pays with a currency other than euro (€), the client will pay the currency exchange fees)


This payment method may have a commission, please review before confirming your order and giving your consent.


All the products we sell at have the proven quality of the best producers in Spain and the Jabugo PDO Regulatory Council. However, if they are not to your satisfaction, we promise to change the product or refund your money. In order to respond to your return request, the customer must communicate it using the contact form within 7 calendar days after receiving your order.

Conditions for return of Hams/Shoulders and Iberian coldcuts:

  1. When the product once started has a bad smell (hams/shoulders)
  2. When there is a bad smell after opening vacuum packaging (Iberian coldcuts)
  3. Keep original packaging + manufacturer's packaging + quality label and/or flange .
  4. Keep a delivery note or manufacturer's note included in your order detailing the exact weight of the product purchased.

Returns are not accepted:

  1. For sliced ham and sausage when it has been opened its vacuum packaging plastic. (normally envelopes of 80-100 gr)
  2. Iberian hams and shoulders can contain 40-50% fat over their total weight, this will not be a reason accepted by the company for its return.
  3. When the products have lost their label or flange since traceability and authenticity of the fact that they are our products cannot be guaranteed. .
  4. When more than 15% of the initial weight of the product has been consumed and it is a ham or shoulder.
  5. For hygiene reasons, returns of Iberian sausages (loin, salchichón, chorizo, morcón) will not be accepted if it is not returned in its vacuum-packaged plastic and labels.

Other considerations

  • The assessment of the point of salt in hams and shoulders It depends on each person and is subjective, we would appreciate it if you would take this into account when evaluating a possible claim.
  • The lack or excess of curing, the ham or the shoulder require between 3-7 days to release the conservation properties of the winery. The flavor and aromas will increase as the days go by so you can assess the point of cure. Acorn-fed hams and shoulders are always juicier, a factor to consider without prejudice to their quality.
  • Yes It is verified that the complaint is not caused by a poor cut of the piece and that this causes the appearance of a lot of bacon. In this case, the piece cannot be used after its removal and the company will not accept returns.
  • Shipping costs (and removal if applicable) will not be refunded. the returns. The customer can make the return to us with the transport company that he deems most convenient. If you want us to do the collection with our transport agency, the cost amount will be quoted for each case.

Transport incidents

All our products are sent with their protective packaging and insured against accidents or loss. This means that in the event of any incident with shipping, the customer is protected and their order would be replaced without additional costs.

  • However, it is the customer's responsibility to rinspect the package upon receipt And if you notice any damage due to impact or manipulation by the carrier, ask the delivery person to note it. Likewise, if there is any damage when opening the package, the customer must contact us within 48 hours. after delivery.
  • Upon receiving their order, the customer must review the content and condition of the products. If something is not correct, they have 48 hours to contact us and report it.

In both cases it is very important that you record the pertinent observations so that we can exercise our right to claim both from the carrier in the event of an accident or to the manufacturer if by mistake you have received products different from those you purchased. If you have not complied with the detailed instructions, will attend to your claim but we will not be able to guarantee compensation for damages caused.

The customer will accept these conditions without reservation before confirming and formalizing his order. Not having read our conditions of use before confirming your order will not exempt you from compliance.

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