Lots of Iberian

Lots of Iberian Products: the perfect gourmet gift

Exclusive lots of Iberian products with their gift box that contain a gourmet assortment with the best of Iberian gastronomy, such as Iberian ham, loin, chorizo or Iberian salchichón, etc., to enjoy the tradition and unmistakable flavors of Jabugo.

In our store you can buy this variety of lots that include a ham or shoulder + an assortment of Iberian coldcuts designed for all budgets. All our lots are made with popular prices and premium lots for the most gourmets, always maintaining the Jabugo quality and the tradition of its handcrafted Iberian products.

Each batch is meticulously prepared with its case to ensure elegant presentation and unmatched gastronomic delight. Treat yourself to a pack of Iberian assortments and enjoy your gastronomic moments.

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