Iberian Coldcuts

Iberian Coldcuts from Jabugo, Tradition and Quality

When we merge the certified quality of Iberian products from Jabugo and the prestige of a centuries-old tradition, we find ourselves with this great selection of Iberian Coldcuts that you can buy in our store elaborated in an artisanal way.

The quality of our Iberian coldcuts is supported by their different awards of excellence and a privileged natural environment such as the Sierra de Aracena in Andalusia where the best Iberian breed pigs in the world are raised from which the best Iberian acorn-fed coldcuts come from, such as cañas de lomo, lomitos, morcónes, chorizos, salchichones, morcillas or pancetas.

Highly selected Iberian products with a traceability certificate that guarantee their origin and designation of origin, handcrafted with natural spices and suitable for people intolerant to lactose or gluten.

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