Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham DOP Jabugo Summun
Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham DOP Jabugo Summun
Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham DOP Jabugo Summun
Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham DOP Jabugo Summun
Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham DOP Jabugo Summun
Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham DOP Jabugo Summun
Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham DOP Jabugo Summun
Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham DOP Jabugo Summun Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham DOP Jabugo Summun Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham DOP Jabugo Summun

Iberian 100% Acorn-Fed Ham DOP Jabugo

Acorn-fed ham DOP Jabugo Iberian 100% | Black Tag Etiqueta o Vitola DOP Jabugo Precinto o Brida Negra

Excellence is cut into thin slices, like those of this 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham DOP Jabugo Brida Negra from Cortegana, the cradle of Iberian ham in Spain. An exclusive product of the highest quality guaranteed by its Jabugo Protected Designation of Origin, the finest of the best within the different categories of Iberian ham.

Our most precious "pata negra", an authentic 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham DOP Jabugo that melts in the mouth, releasing all the flavor and nuances of its long production process, a product revered for 4 years so that you can enjoy a sublime experience and a gift for the palate.

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100% Iberian acorn-fed ham with DOP Jabugo

With the maximum distinction of quality and purity DOP Jabugo, our 100% Iberian acorn-fed hams from Cortegana and its natural winery attached to the Regulatory Council are labeled from Jabugo. DOP Jabugo hams bring together a series of organoleptic qualities, highlighting their aroma, 100% Iberian racial purity, free-range breeding and fattening of the pig based on acorns and grasses from the pasture, and its curing process in a natural environment with microclimatic conditions typical of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche (Andalusia, Spain).

The production of the exclusive DOP Jabugo hams (highest quality) involves a production process of more than 4 years. During this time there is a curing phase for the settlement and balance of salt where the master ham maker intervenes and another maturation phase in the natural cellar where the sapid and aromatic components evolve.

After 4 years and having completed the different production phases, these hams are granted the control element known as "The DOP Jabugo vitola". A seal of quality and distinction that only 100% Iberian acorn-fed hams and shoulders possess, possibly the best Iberian ham in the world, DOP Jabugo Ham.

How to identify DOP Jabugo Ham ?

The hams certified with Jabugo Protected Designation of Origin  are identified in our store with their label DOP Jabugo and the Black Tag Label or Vitola DOP JabugoPrecinto o Brida Negra

Characteristics of DOP Jabugo Ham

  • The black pata DOP Jabugo must weigh at least 5.7 kg
  • Cure and maturation time in the winery, minimum 20 months for hams less than 7kg and minimum 24 months for hams over 7kg.
  • Stylized or elongated shape with the shaft thinner than in other Iberian hams and the hoof is usually worn from the constant movement that the pigs have in the pasture looking for acorns, roots or herbs.
  • The 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham DOP Jabugo has fat infiltrated into the muscle that the pig develops with the walks through the countryside in search of acorns, a healthy and malleable fat with a characteristic shine that gives the ham a unique flavor.
  • Its color is wine red darker than that of other Iberian hams, the meat of the DOP Jabugo ham   It gives off the aroma of the volatile compounds accumulated during its curing.
  • The flavor of DOP Jabugo pata negra ham is infused with sweet and salty nuances provided by acorns and their natural antioxidants.
1. What does the Jabugo Protected Designation of Origin (PDO Jabugo) mean?
The Jabugo DOP guarantees that the ham has been produced in the specific geographical region of Jabugo, complying with quality, breeding and production process standards unique to this area.
2. What differentiates our DOP Jabugo label hams from other Iberian hams?
The last stage of breeding, the pigs are fed acorns and grasses, which contributes to the infiltration of fat into the muscle and adds unique nuances to the flavor and texture of the 100% acorn-fed ham.
3. How does the geography and climate of Jabugo affect the flavor and quality of the ham covered by the DOP?
The harmony of the typical oak and cork oak forest of the "Parque Natural de Aracena and Picos de Aroche", the microclimate and the specific vegetation of Jabugo influence the diet of the pigs, providing unique nuances to the ham.
4. Why do Cortegana hams have the DOP Jabugo label?
The DOP Jabugo brand and distinction is made up of up to 31 towns in the region with historical tradition and expertise in the world of Iberian ham. Cortegana and its natural drying room are registered in the Jabugo DOP. When we refer to Cortegana, we are talking about "the cradle of Iberian ham".
4. Why are DOP Jabugo acorn-fed hams more expensive?
DOP Jabugo hams comply with a rigorous and specific production process. A careful healing and maturation process with more than 4 years. And demanding traceability controls that guarantee its Protected Designation of Origin. For all these reasons, when you buy a DOP Jabugo Ham in our store, you will be buying the excellence of Iberian ham with a certified vintage and quality.
Do you have any questions about our 100% Iberian acorn-fed DOP Jabugo ham?
100% Iberian
Black Tag + DOP Jabugo Label
Extensive free in the Dehesa
36 months
Cortegana, D.O. Jabugo (Huelva, Spain)
100% Iberian Bellota Ham, salt, sugar, preservatives (E-252 and E-250) and antioxidant (E-300)

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