Iberian Cebo Campo Ham, Green Tag
Iberian Cebo Campo Ham, Green Tag
Iberian Cebo Campo Ham, Green Tag
Iberian Cebo Campo Ham, Green Tag
Iberian Cebo Campo Ham, Green Tag
Iberian Cebo Campo Ham, Green Tag Iberian Cebo Campo Ham, Green Tag

Iberian Cebo Campo Ham, Green Tag

Cebo de Campo Ham 50% Iberian, Green Flange Iberian ham field bait, green tag

From 50% Iberian breed pigs raised in freedom and fed with cereals, herbs and other resources from the pasture. Cebo de Campo Iberian Ham with "green tag" quality certificate and made in the wineries attached to the DOP JABUGO of the EIRIZ brand in Corteconcepción(Huelva).

Very good quality/price ratio and balanced infiltrated fats with a curing time of 24 months in natural drying rooms where it has matured slowly to develop the aromas and flavors of good Iberian. Available in 3 formats:

  • Whole pieces:  Weight 7.5 to 8 kg
  • Vacuum deboned: Net weight of ham 4 - 4,5 Kg
  • Sliced: In 100gr envelopes + cubes + bones (number of envelopes according to chosen weight)

*Suitable for people with celiac disease and lactose intolerant

*Shipping all shipping European Union, see conditions

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  • 7 to 7,5 Kg
  • 7,5 to 8 Kg
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Jamones Eiriz, Ibéricos Cebo de Campo

Endorsed by the quality of the prestigious brand Eiriz hams and certified with its Green Tag Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham 50% green TAG This piece comes from the town of Corteconcepción (Andalusia), located in a privileged natural area of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche.

The Eiriz brand hams are highly appreciated in Spain and abroad where they have achieved well-deserved recognition for quality, and for a long tradition with more than 200 years producing Iberian products.

Both Eiriz and the town of Corteconcepción where its natural Iberian dryers are located, are part of the prestigious DOP Jabugo made up of 31 localities or towns in the region, so its Iberian country bait hams have a seal of quality enviable by other brands in this world of Iberian.

Frequent questions

1. Where does Cebo de Campo Iberian Ham come from?
The Cebo de Campo is a certified quality category with a "green tag" within the Iberian. It can be 50% or 75% Iberian depending on the pig from which the piece is taken, but in both cases the animal must be raised in freedom and fed with resources from the pasture in the last phase of its life and fattening.
2. What does the Green Tag of the Iberian mean?
It is a badge for the consumer that certifies the quality and authenticity of the Iberian product they are purchasing. For the marking of Iberico Cebo de Campo Ham the green tag is used, which guarantees the traceability control regulated in the Ibérico Quality Standard R.D 4/2014.
3. Boneless and sliced, how to buy it?
- Both boneless and sliced ham are perfect if you do not have experience with cutting.
- In both cases it is vacuum packed and you can keep it for months in the refrigerator.
- It is advisable to put it at room temperature (20-25 degrees) before consuming it
- For boneless ham the ideal is to cut it by machine, in the case of slicing we already send it cut with a knife
4. What does DOP Jabugo mean?
The distinctive D.O.P Jabugo is reserved only for those Iberian hams that come from 100% Iberian breed pigs and have been fed on acorns, they have a certain weight and curing time established by the Norm. of Iberico Quality (R.D 4/2014) and most importantly, the producer's winery must be attached to the Jabugo Regulatory Council that supervises all these quality requirements.
Any questions about our Cebo de Campo Eiriz Iberian Ham?
Cebo de Campo
50% Iberian
Green Tag
Extensive free in the Dehesa
24 months
Corteconcepción, D.O. Jabugo (Huelva, Spain)
Cebo Campo Ham 50% Iberian, salt, sugar, preservatives (E-252 and E-250) and antioxidant (E-300)

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