Lote Jamón Loncheado Ibérico de Cebo
Lote Jamón Loncheado Ibérico de Cebo
Lote Jamón Loncheado Ibérico de Cebo

Sliced Iberian Cebo Campo Shoulder Ham

Sliced Cebo Campo Shoulder 50% Iberian

The sliced Iberian Cebo de Campo shoulder vacuum packed and cut into thin slices with a knife can be purchased at pack of 6, 9 or 12 sachets of 100gr. Coming from 50% Iberian pigs raised in freedom, this sliced Iberian shoulder brings all the flavor of Jabugo to the table to enjoy at home or at celebrations.

Our sliced Iberian shoulder last in the refrigerator for up to 6 months thanks to its vacuum format so you can enjoy it at any time without worrying about cutting or its expiration. Order it online and we will send it to your home, and remember "good sliced Iberian shoulder should be cut with a knife, never by machine" ✅

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Delivery 3-5 business days
Tax included

Cebo de Campo
50% Iberian
Green Tag
Extensive free in the Dehesa
12 months
Cortegana, D.O. Jabugo (Huelva, Spain)
Sliced in 100 gr envelopes / Pack of 6, 9 or 12 units
50% Iberian Cebo Shoulder, salt, sugar, preservatives (E-252 and E-250) and antioxidant (E-300)

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