Iberian Field-Fed Grain-Fed Shoulder
Iberian Field-Fed Grain-Fed Shoulder
Iberian Field-Fed Grain-Fed Shoulder
Iberian Field-Fed Grain-Fed Shoulder
Iberian Field-Fed Grain-Fed Shoulder
Iberian Field-Fed Grain-Fed Shoulder Iberian Field-Fed Grain-Fed Shoulder

Iberian Field-Fed Shoulder from Cortegana

Iberian Cebo de Campo Shoulder, Green Tag Iberian ham shoulder field bait, Green Tag

Intense red in color and veins of infiltrated fat with a balanced flavor, this exquisite Iberian shoulder will make you enjoy it in appetizers and tapas. From 50% Iberian breed pigs raised in freedom and fed with herbs, roots and other resources from the pasture. Our field bait Iberian shoulder with quality certificate Green Tag is made in Cortegana (Spain), the cradle of the Iberian products from Huelva that you can buy in our store.

The Iberian field bait shoulders from Cortegana are revered by the public knowledgeable in the gastronomic world and its natural wineries have the prestige of belonging to the Jabugo Protected Designation of Origin, all its Iberian products for sale are highly appreciated around the world.

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Iberian Cebo de Campo Shoulder, Green Tag. Made in Cortegana

Shoulder made and cured for 12 months in the natural Cortegana wineries registered in the DOP Jabugo . Coming from a privileged environment such as the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche in Andalusia, our green tag Iberian field bait shoulder contains the flavors of a high quality product made in an artisanal way and pampered by the master ham makers during its healing and maturation period.

Certified quality Iberian shoulders: Brida Verde

To certify the quality and traceability of a Cebo de Campo Iberian shoulder it is awarded the green seal or tag, and To do this, it must comply according to the "Ibérico Quality Standard" the following conditions:

  1. That the shoulder comes from 50% Iberian breed pigs.
  2. That they have been fed in the pasture a part of their life with the resources of the field supplemented with feed.
  3. That the shoulder cannot weigh less than 4 Kg
  4. The palette must be cured for a minimum of 365 days.

The Iberian de Cebo is an Iberian shoulder with a very good quality/price ratio that you will find in our store identified with its distinctive green tag.

Iberian Cebo de Campo Shoulder - Brida Verde

1. What does "cebo de campo" mean in Iberian shoulders?
It indicates that the 50% Iberian breed pigs have been raised for a phase of their life in the countryside, feeding on the resources of the pasture.
2. Is the Iberian Cebo de Campo shoulder healthy?
Iberian hams and shoulders in general are a source of protein, iron, zinc and vitamins. It is also a good source of healthy fats, such as unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
3. What does the green tag mean?
The green flange certifies the traceability and quality of the Iberian shoulders and hams according to the requirements of the Ibérico Quality Standard R.D 4/2014.
4. How is Iberian ham served and cut?
The Iberian ham should be cut into thin slices and served at 22º room temperature for a good fusion of its fat and you can feel its flavor melting in your mouth.
5. What is the difference between a field bait Iberian shoulder and acorn-fed ones?
1.) The Iberian Cebo de Campo shoulders come from pigs that are 50% Iberian breed and have eaten feed and pastures from the dehesa.
2:)Acorn-fed shoulders, on the other hand, come from pigs fed with acorns that can have from 50% to 100% Iberian purity.
¿Any questions about this Iberian Cebo de Campo Shoulders?
Cebo de Campo
50% Iberian
Green Tag
Extensive free in the Dehesa
18 months
Cortegana, D.O. Jabugo (Huelva, Spain)
Cebo de Campo Shoulder 50% Iberian, salt, sugar, preservatives (E-252 and E-250) and antioxidant (E-300)

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