Iberian Grain-Fed Shoulder
Iberian Grain-Fed Shoulder
Iberian Grain-Fed Shoulder
Iberian Grain-Fed Shoulder
Iberian Grain-Fed Shoulder
Iberian Grain-Fed Shoulder Iberian Grain-Fed Shoulder

Iberian Grain-Fed Shoulder ham from Cortegana

Iberian Cebo Shoulder, White Flange Iberian bait shoulder, Brida Blanca

Our select quality Iberian bait shoulders certified according to the Iberian Quality Standard  as confirmed Their white bridle comes from 50% Iberian pigs raised in freedom and fed with feed and other natural resources from the pastures. Cortegana's Iberian bait shoulders are handcrafted in its natural winery attached to the Jabugo Designation of Origin. With a minimum of 12 to 18 months of curing (depending on weight) and the care of the master ham maker, our Iberian bait shoulders are ready to be sent home and enjoy its Iberian flavor and its healthy infiltrated fat cut into thin slices.

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Iberian Cebo Shoulders, made in Cortegana

Enjoy each slice and the sensory pleasure with this Iberian Cebo Shoulder coming from pigs raised in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche in Andalusia, birthplace of Iberian ham. Our Iberian shoulder of white Tag bait contains the flavors of a high-quality product made by hand and pampered by master ham makers during its curing and maturation period.

Certified quality Iberian Shoulders: Brida Blanca

The white tag or label is reserved for those shoulders that come from 50% Iberian pigs and meet the following requirements of the Iberian Quality Standard:

  1. That the shoulders come from 50% Iberian breed pigs.
  2. That they have been fed with feed.
  3. They have a minimum weight of 7 Kg
  4. That they have matured in the winery for curing for a minimum of 24 months.

Iberian Shoulders ham,  Brida Blanca

1. What does "cebo" mean in Iberian shoulders?
The term bait refers to a diet based on feed and cereals. Normally these shoulders come from pigs raised on intensive farms.
2. What is the difference with the Cebo de Campo paddle?
The Iberian Cebo de Campo shoulders come from the same type of 50% Iberian breed pig, but for part of their life they were raised in freedom fed with the resources of the pasture.
3. What does Iberian white tag bait mean?
The white tag is the certified quality seal given to "hams and bait shoulders." With this badge we can know the breed and diet that the pigs have had, and what is more important, that their traceability is guaranteed.
4. How is it recommended to store the Iberian shoulder of bait?
It is advisable to store the ham in a cool, dry place. Use a ham holder and cover the cut part with a cloth or mesh to protect it from oxidation.
5. The Cortegana Iberian shoulders have a Protected Designation of Origin?
Yes, in our store you will find Cortegana Iberian shoulders and hams with the DOP Jabugo label or vitola and its black flange.

The Iberian hams of bait or acorns, whether white, green, or red bridle, do not have this distinction but their Iberian quality is certified in compliance with the Ibérico R.D. Quality Standard. 4/2014.
¿Any question about the Iberian Cebo Pallets?
50% Iberian
White Tag
Intensive on farms
18 months
Cortegana, D.O. Jabugo (Huelva, Spain)
50% Iberian Cebo Shoulder, salt, sugar, preservatives (E-252 and E-250) and antioxidant (E-300)

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