Paleta Ibérica Selección
Paleta Ibérica Selección
Paleta Ibérica Selección
Paleta Ibérica Selección
Paleta Ibérica Selección
Paleta Ibérica Selección Paleta Ibérica Selección

Iberian Shoulder Ham Great Selection

Iberian shoulder out of the norm, Jabugo quality

Product from selected Iberian pigs raised in freedom in a privileged environment of holm oaks and cork oaks in the Sierra de Huelva. Our Gran Selección shoulders "outside the norm" contain the properties and quality of a good Iberian bait from the field or acorn-fed although it has not been certified as such for mere bureaucratic reasons.

These out of the norm pallets from Cortegana are highly appreciated for their great quality and better price, and have the maximum guarantee from natural wineries registered in the Jabugo Protected Designation of Origin. All Cortegana Iberian products that you can buy in our store are highly valued around the world.

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Pallets out of standard or without quality Tag.

Generally, palettes are classified as "outside the norm" when they have not met any of the requirements of the Quality Standard of the Iberian (R.D. 4/2014), whether in terms of feeding, breeding, Iberian purity, or curing process.

In our store We can assure you that these out-of-standard palettes made in Cortegana and the Jabugo quality guarantee come from from Iberian pigs that have been raised in freedom and cured in a traditional way like any other Iberian shoulder that has been certified for quality.

It is a colored ham Intense red with infiltrated marbled fat that maintains the aroma and flavor of the best Iberian hams. Cortegana's non-standard pallets do not have the bureaucratic costs of their certification reflected in the price, an advantage for the customer who can buy at the best price a product of excellent quality guaranteed by the prestigious natural winery and Cortegana drying facility.

Cortegana Iberian: Great Selection

The term "Out of Norm" does no honor to our Iberian shoulders or their proven quality, which is why in our store you will find these products labeled as "Gran Selección". Not only can we ensure their excellent quality, but these select quality palettes have our full recommendation and we are sure that they will meet the client's expectations.

The category of the out of the norm or great selection pallets that you can buy at Jamó we can classify it as Iberian shoulders whose quality is between field bait and acorn. A high-quality product with an even better price that we recommend you cannot miss.

1. What does it mean for a palette to be "outside the norm"?
It generally refers to pallets that have not met the quality standards regulated in R.D 4/2014. In our store, the non-standard pallets more than meet the quality expectations that the customer expects, although due to bureaucratic issues their traceability has not been processed.
2. What are the differences between an unusual ham shoulder and one made from acorn-fed or Iberian bait?
1.) For legal purposes, the traceability of non-standard pallets has not been certified and therefore cannot have the red, green or white tag that certified pallets have. such as acorn-fed or bait-fed Iberian.

2.) For practical or reality purposes, if the Outside Standard shoulder or ham is endorsed by a winery attached to Jabugo such as Cortegana, we assure you that you will taste a shoulder or Iberian ham of excellent quality even if it is not certified as such.
3. What is the price of an Out of Standard palette?
In our store, the Outside Standard pallets are called "Great Selection" and their price can range around 80 or 90 euros depending on the weight. A very attractive price for the client and more economical than if it were certified with its tag.
4. What are Cortegana's Great Selection palettes?
As their name indicates, they are shoulders from pigs selected for their racial characteristics, raised in freedom in the holm oak and cork oak pastures of Cortegana, and with a diet considered the most suitable for this exclusive product.
Any questions with this Paleta Fuera de Norma?
Gran Selección
50% Iberian
Out Standard (without tag)
Extensive free in the Dehesa
18 months
Cortegana, D.O. Jabugo (Huelva, Spain)
50% Iberian shoulder, salt, sugar, preservatives (E-252 and E-250) and antioxidant (E-300)

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